The year - 1951. The place - Kozhikode. The venerable socialist Jayaprakash Narayan asks of a 15- year old boy his wish. The reply is spontaneous: ‘Membership in the Socialist Party’. ‘But aren’t you a mere slip of a boy’, queries the leader. ‘But he will grow up’, promises the father. Thus was Veerendra Kumar initiated into the socialist ranks, under the admiring gaze of his father, Padmaprabha Gowder, Socialist MLA in the Madras Legislative Assembly. That unswerving commitment to the cause still propels the political activity of this multi-faceted personality.

Childhood & Education

Born to Smt. Marudevi Avva and Sri. Padmaprabha Gowder on July22, 1936. After schooling in native Kalpetta did Intermediate from Samoothiri College Kozhikode, attended Madras Law College for one year.

He did his Masters in Philosophy from Vivekananda College, Madras. Secured Masters in Business Administration from Cincinnati University, Ohio, U.S.A .